Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. is an organization that operates a startup studio and provides
services and tools to entrepreneurs and startups throughout the startup lifecycle.



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Waxdale Ventures L.P.

Waxdale Ventures is Waxdale’s startup studio, a startup studio also known as a startup factory, or a startup foundry, or a venture builder, is a studio-like company that aims at building several companies in succession. This style of business building is referred to as "parallel entrepreneurship". We do so by raising three funds, three years in a row. The first fund is always a Validation fund, we use this fund to create 10 startup projects and the goal of the first year is to validate as many of them as possible or achieve product-market-fit. The second fund is called the Monetization fund, this simply means that we put our foot on the gas pedal and focus on making as much money as possible. The third year we raise the Growth fund and this one focuses on increasing our market share as fast as possible. We also do co-investments and joint ventures. To build our projects we operate a software company, Projectsgogo! , that focuses on creating software solutions for entrepreneurship. Lastly, the projects are brought to the market by our team from Waxdale Advisory Services L.P.


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Waxdale Pitch Studios L.P.

A pitch studio is a concept created by Waxdale, it is basically a simple way for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to us without any pressure. Next, we evaluate the idea based on two simple things: feasibility and potential. We then make an offer to the entrepreneur to develop the project at a significant discount. Why? Because all great ideas should be pursued, and money should not be a problem. We own a development firm, Steamroll Technologies, and have total control on our pricing. We bet that we can build a great relationship with those entrepreneurs thus, increase our value over time. To pitch an idea to us simply schedule a call on the Waxdale Pitch Studios website.


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Waxdale Business Enterprises L.P.

Waxdale Business Enterprises is the business development unit for Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. We partner with organizations such as coworking spaces and educational institutions to provide them with great products and services from our internal business enterprises. WBE also partners with small businesses to shore up and enhance their business strategies, operations, implementation, and analytics. The organization also wants local businesses to view the world as their playing ground and to maximize their value overtime.


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Manage your project

We have a team of advisors to help you manage your projects.

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We have created tools to help you analyse and structure your startup idea.

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Our advisors as well as our tools will help you conceptualize your startup idea.

Icone développement et design


Our development team are here to help you change the world with your product.

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Digital strategy

Our team of digital marketers as well as our tools will help you with traction and achieve product-market-fit.